i  -2°C - W 6.1 km/h

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Nine Mile

Description Statistic
Ride Difficulty1:Moderate
RAMP Designation:Not Applicable
Season:July through September
Parking and Ride Start:Junction of Suskwa Forest Service Road and Suskwa-Moricetown Road.
Directions:map directions
Start Elevation:380 metres
End Elevation:1621 metres
Total Kilometres:96 (round trip)
Running Time:4 hrs 23 min
Total Time:6 hrs 11 min
Average Speed:20.8 kilometres/hour


Steep sections with loose rock on your climb to the alpine.

August 31, 2014

Download the zip file which includes: ride details, topographic map, ride start directions, the GPS exchange format . gpx file and the Garmin Mapsource .gdb file.

RAMP - Recreation Access Management Plan: applicable only to the Bulkley Timber Supply Area within the Skeena Stikine Forest District.

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