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Welcome to the Bulkley Valley Quad Riders Society

The Bulkley Valley Quad Riders Society (The Society) is a non profit society formed by Smithers and area residents to provide a family oriented group which can get together for various rides and other functions.

The Society's goal is to promote and sustain the recreational and safe use of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) in our area. We encourage environmentally friendly practices in and around our forests by educating those who use ATVs and other off highway vehicles.

We will endeavor to create and maintain several scenic routes and trails in the Bulkley Valley for responsible public use. We intend to increase our membership to include all responsible ATV users in the Bulkley Valley and beyond.

We are determined to educate and show all of those who are opposed to the use of ATVs in our area that we are about preserving sensitive ecosystems. We will strive to become a pillar in the recreational ATV community and plan to host many functions at all levels of ATVer abilities in and around the Bulkley Valley.


Annual membership, which expires one year after sign up, is a combination of ATVBC and club fees;

  • $50 - Primary Membership
  • $85 - Primary & Secondary Membership (two persons in a household)
  • $95 - Family Membership
  • $10 - each primary & secondary member included in the above memberships

Helmets are Mandatory on all our rides


Purchase/Renew your membership both for ATVBC and our club online.

You can obtain your membership(s) by attending the monthly society meeting. These are held on the 3rd Wednesday each month, April through October

Membership & Info

Ride Safe, Ride Responsibly, Ride with the BV Quad Riders

The BV Quad Riders reserve the right to revoke membership from any member not adhering to our society or safety policies.

February 27, 2016

ATV Registration

Registration becomes mandatory on November 1, 2015 for Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) operating on Crown land or Forest Service Roads on Crown land. ORVs operated solely on private property do not require registration or a number plate.

The combined number plate and registration fee will be a one-time fee of $48. You are only required to register your ORV once. The registration and number plate will be valid as long as the same person owns the vehicle.

ICBC ORV Registration

ATV Insurance

If you operate an ORV on or across Highways, you're required to obtain ICBC’s Basic Insurance.

Further, If you operate an ORV on Forest Service Roads, you'll need $200,000 in third party liability insurance. This may be obtained from ICBC or other insurers.

Insurance against liability, accident benefits and physical damage. To travel on a Forest Service Road, which many of our rides do, you must have liability insurance. You can obtain this insurance locally through;

Broker: Western Financial Group 3895 1st Avenue Smithers, BC

As a member of the Bulkley Valley Quad Riders Society/ATVBC, by showing your membership card to your broker, you will be eligible for discounts

  • Up to 25% Society Member Discount
  • 10% Safety Training Discount
  • 10% Factory installed immobilizer Discount (physical Damage only)
  • $1,000 Deductible Discount of 10%
  • 10% ICBC Road Crossing
  • 50+ Discount

Insured with Certain Lloyd's Underwriters and Managed by Outdoor Adventure & Sports Insurance Solutions Inc. (OASIS)


Checkout the Get Toys insurance Price Calculator

NOTE: There are two liability insurances, one to cross Highways obtained from ICBC and another to travel on Forest Service Roads obtained from other insurers or ICBC.

February 17, 2016

Our Society


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